Rental and management

Owning one or more assets involves important legal and administrative obligations that require availability and rigor.

The Immogaronne agency, through its experience and skills, offers you its service based on trust and transparency by being more than an intermediary between you and the tenant, with the aim of preserving your heritage.

For rental, Immogaronne :

  • Prepare your property for rental through a fair estimate of the rent and ensure the updating of all the mandatory diagnoses for a rental based on the latest regulations.
  • Take photos and publish the ads so that your property is highlighted and disseminated on the best websites.
  • Manages the calls, organizes the visits, constitutes and studies the solvency of the file of the candidate tenants.
  • Draft leases according to the nature of the property in accordance with the latest regulatory provisions.
  • Performs the inventory of entry and exit.

The entire Immogaronne team, its technical, legal and accounting partners are at your disposal and support you in your Real Estate project to ensure your peace of mind and optimize your assets as best as possible.

For administrative and financial management, Immogaronne :

  • Draft the riders to the lease or their renewals and cancellations.
  • Oversees the annual rental insurance check.
  • Represent you in case of litigation before the Administration.
  • Intervenes in the event of an insurance claim.
  • Monitors maintenance contracts.
  • Cash the rents and send the receipts.
  • You reverse your rents and pay the co-ownership charges to the syndicate.
  • Reassess rents based on indices published by INSEE.
  • Checks and pays the adjustment of charges according to the provision of decree 87-713.
  • Ensures follow-up on claims and assistance with expert appraisals.
  • Established monthly management statements by email or mail with supporting documents of expenses.
  • Informs the tax authorities each time the lease holder changes.

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